time coherent, phase coherent, resonance coherent

5 driver, 3 way, ultra precision monitors
frequency response: 20 hz - 35 khz / -3db
sensitivity: 91.5 db
recommended power: 20 - 300 watts
impedance: 5 ohm

driver array

1" ceramic inverted dome tweeter
5,5" ceramic inverted dome midrange
3 x 7" ceramic inverted dome woofers

basket, spider and magnet design
flow optimized


instrument design, resonance optimized plywood
compound construction, no mdf, synthetics or damping

finish: ivory, piano black or silver metallic, high gloss

terminals and wiring

single wire, tone wood terminals, resonance spectrum optimized
premium wbt goldline hardware

proprietary technology, state-of-the-art internal wire
harness, custom manufactured by shunyata research

product dimensions

height 115 cm, width 29 cm, depth 64 cm, weight 52 kg each

for more details on our design approach kindly our "approach" page

we reserve the right to change product specifications without
prior notice to enhance their quality and performance.

lumen white products
are designed by lumen white research group
in switzerland and the uk. manufactured in the eu.