lumen white`s "white light anniversary" monitors receive the "products of the year 2018" award by hong kong`s leading high end magazine "hifi review" (


hong kong`s leading high end magazine "hifi review"
dedicates the "white light anniversary" reference
monitors a 10 page review, praising their
superlative performance and mesmerizing musicality.

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popular u.s. audio webzine "positive feedback" grants lumen white its
"audio oasis" award in, quote, "recognition of truly superior show room sonics & musical experience,
providing a haven for the weary audio traveler at axpona 2018"


popular u.s. audio webzine "part-time audiophile" pays a
comprehensive visit to the lumen white exhibit at the
rocky mountain audio fest 2018. the resulting full-page report makes for
insightful reading for anyone interested in the edge-of-the-art in musical realism, emotionally captivating audio technology and
musical enjoyment at the limit.


"stereo sound", japan´s leading high end publication portraits
the lumen white "kyara" reference monitors, their design and groundbreaking
technologies in the "exciting equipment" section of its march 2018 edition.



best sound at axpona 2018 show reviewer robert s. youman of u.s. high end audio webzine "" includes lumen white on his best sound of the show list for the "axpona 2018" show in chicago. his impressions in detail: "there was something special about this room that was extremely warm and welcoming-this included both the hosts and the music. from the moment i took my seat i was quite comfortable if not spellbound. bottom line, the sound quality was simply outstanding. i have always admired both product lines, but this year there was a clear jump in performance for this combination. maybe it was some type of component and room synergy, but i was extremely impressed with the rich harmonic presentation of this system. there was just a natural liquidity and flow that could not be ignored... even beyond the sound, the physical design and aesthetics of these components are quite striking. fit and finish is exemplary. as always, the lumenwhite kyara speakers in particular dazzled the eye and manipulated the heart. don't just be seduced by the elegance and allure, this system delivered the sonic goods"


japan`s "analog" high end magazine has reviewed our "kyara" reference monitors concluding that they "open one`s ears ... and make other speakers sound dull in comparison". for further details of the review, kindly visit our "review" section.

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review exerpts:

the "kyara" monitors create a pure, detail-rich and extended sound field free of artifacts. their open and transparent sound is utterly captivating.

their rise- and settling times are extraordinarily fast, the sound image integral and abundant in detail at the same time.
being of the fast and transparent type, the "kyaras`" reveal the qualities of the recording and the components of listening chain in a honest albeit graceful way. their sound is at the same time unique and devoid of peculiarities.

after having listened the "kyaras", other speakers sound dull in comparison. they are genuine "ear-openers".


u.s. high-end audio webzine "" awards lumen white "best sound of the show" at the "rocky mountain audio fest 2017" - quote: "ayon audio and lumenwhite keep getting best of sound at shows from not just from us, but from other mags too and so once again they don't disappoint. lumenwhite kyara loudspeakers ($49,000) feature accuton drivers specially made for lumenwhite to their specs. Instrument grade cabinets are obvious just from looking at the fine craftsmanship, with the finish seen here being french nut. Yes sir, it sings, it dances, it handles playing your fave tunes!" (



wojciech pacula, chief editor of poland`s leading high-end magazine, has given the "kyara" studio reference monitors an in depth-review and grants them the magazine`s two highest "gold fingerprint" and "rec big red bottom" awards, for superior sonic performance and outstanding musical accomplishments.

the "kyara" monitors are the first product in the magazine`s history to receive both these awards at the same time. the review is available at




poland`s leading high-end audio publication awards lumen white its "best sound of the show" award for the lumen white "kyara" studio reference monitors demonstration at the muenich high end show 2017, europe`s leading audio industry event.

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the 2017 los angeles audio show

neil gader`s �best of show - best sound� (cost no object category): Most Surprising was the stunning lumenwhite �white light anniversary ($69,000) neil gader on the lumenwhite �white light �anniversary�

do blondes still have more fun? if it�s a wood-veneer finish, lumenwhite certainly thinks so. it premiered generation 4 of its famous �white light� speakers�the white light anniversary reference ($69,000). the anniversary reference features the world�s first all-ceramic driver array in a radically advanced �pressure-and-flow-dynamics-optimized cabinet,� with numerous innovative technologies in an all-out assault on the state of the art in reference loudspeaker performance. sonics were brilliantly fast and open. to my ear lumenwhite�s latest generation of ceramic transducers was uncolored and possessed terrific dynamic output as well as sensitive micro-gradients.


the 2017 los angeles audio show

robert harley`s �best of show - best sound� (cost no object category):

usa tube audio�s demonstration of the new lumen white 15th anniversary, generation 4 speakers driven by ayon electronics was spectacularly great, with wall-to-wall soundstaging. close your eyes and you�d never know that you were in a hotel room.


poland`s leading high-end audio publication awards lumen white its "best of the best" award for the lumen white "lumyere" ultimate studio reference monitors presentation at the warsaw audio video show 2016.

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" While I don`t want to warm up the old analog-versus-digital discussion here again, there is no denying the fact that never before have I heard this fantastic recording reproduced even close to the emotionally gripping, musically fluid and dynamically supercharged way in which the "Mystere" presented it - whatever the digital source, - format and cost involved in those other auditions. "

"the lumen white 'mystere' is one of the three best turntables, which i have had the privilege to listen to. visually it easily is the most attractive of the three....a veritable analogue dream-machine"

dirk sommer, recording engineer & senior analog reviewer

please find the full review at

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"dutch high end magazine "music emotions" gives the artisan reference monitors a glowing in-depth review, calling them "the closest thing to a straight wire between the recording and the listener" and " easily on par with competitiors costing three times their price". visit our "review" page for the dutch "review" - english translation forthcoming.

review quotes:

"the lumen white artisans are absolute "non-compromise" monitors right in the center of the holy grail of loudspeaker design. .offering edge-of-the-art sound quality....setting the reference bar significantly higher…a revelatory tool for musiclovers and audiophiles alike….their ultimate sonic realism provides a truthfull window into the original musical event ......... the closest thing to a straight wire between the recording and the listener....easily outperforming speakers costing three times their price.

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lumen white best sound award, las vegas 2013

u.s. audio webzine avshowrooms grants "best sound" and "gold show award" to the lumen white & ayon audio suite at t.h.e. show las vegas 2013. for details and videos from the las vegas audio shows, please visit at

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constantine soo, chief editor of acclaimed high end webzine has given the "artisans" an in depth review, rating them visionary, magic, irrestistable, among the world`s very best now and relevant for many years to come. download the review by clicking the above picture. quotes : "for the time i began auditioning the speakers until their imminent return to the importer, i just couldn’t get over the magic created by the ... lumen white. the instance I began auditioning the lumen white, it became an experience few speakers could match..... until the day it was returned to charlie harrison, the "artisans" turned my every listening session into a festival of sorts, an eye-opening, three-dimensional and irresistible one. re-imaging live instruments on stage to the extent accomplished by the "artisan" was a feat far and few in between, one that nearly made the listening experience a visual one. .. lumen white reveals the wide sonic divide between its "artisan" and the rest of the world. ...among the best in today's market......the technology embedded in the "artisan" is so unique and visionary that it will continue to be highly relevant even in five years."

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swedisch enthusiast high end forum dedicated a excellent report to the swiss highend 2010 show, selecting the lumen white room as top contender for best sound at the show. read their detailed three page room review at

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dirk sommer, chief editor of german high end audio webzine on the lumen white aquila monitors at the zürich high end show 2010 : "the lumen white "aquila" combines ceramic drivers and a ring radiator for the high frequency section. using a pair of lumen whites as reference monitors myself since many years, i refrain here from uttering superlatives regarding the aquila`s coherence and transparancy ".

...and another price nomination for lumen white ...

italian high end magazine " Fedeltà del Suono " gives the "silver flame" monitors an enthusiastic review. author alberto guerrini - while already owner of several acclaimed speakers - bought a pair of  lumens as ultimate personal reference monitors after the review.

as did several of his collegues around the world.


"the most musically satisfying cone-drive loudspeakers I have heard anywhere and at any price".

listen carefully, uk

longstanding uk highend reviewer howard popeck gives the "silver flame"monitors an in-depth review, summarizing ranking them in historic contextas  "one  of the  top  5  loudspeakers  of  all  time".he also purchased a pair as personal reference monitors after the review.

german high end magazine "hoererlebnis" features a detailed review of the"silver flame" monitors in their december 2007 issue, concluding:

"the lumen white silver flame monitor`s sonic superiority set them instantly apart from all other loudspeakers we know and let them win the hearts of all those, who love music."

key quotes from the review:

"the sound of the lumen white has a captivating, unbelievable ease, purity and airiness.

the music appears instantaneously, as if out of nowhere, in the listening room, free from any kind of colorations and cabinet resonances".

this quality caused instant fascination when the first lumen white speakers appeared years ago and here is the same fascination again. it also may be one of the reasons for the unprecedented success, which the brand has garnered around the globe."

"in smaller listening rooms, the speakers, while significantly smaller in size, deliver low frequency extension close to that of the few significantly bigger loudspeakers in the world which are able to reproduce the lowest of the bass registers with wall shaking realism."

"their capacity to recreate the musical event in a realistic and holographic way in the listening room may indeed represent the very edge of the art at the limits of audio technology"

"their sound breathes true life, offering musical realism of a magnitude which in fact may prove impossible to surpass."

"one could literally "see" the violin player silently nodding her head in the direction of the pianist"

"the silver flames achieve perfect musical homogeneity and do so without any softening of precision or glossing over of fine detail.

details down to the most subtle spacial clue are presented, are present without sticking out, are reproduced as fully integrated parts of the whole gestalt."

"wherein lies the key to the exceptional and unsurpassed transparency, realism, and ease of the lumen white`s`sound?

is it their use of an identical membrane material over the whole frequency band? is it a result of the unique cabinet design with its "damping free" technology? and, what role does their elegantly simple, but uncompomisingly fine, crossover play in this context?

while we are not able to solve this mystery, what we know for certain is that the lumen white silver flame`s sonic superiority set them instantaneously apart from all other loudspeakers we know and let them win the hearts of all those, who love music."
we keep getting rave reviews from around the world placing our speakers at the very top of their class'. here recent examples from "high fidelity" magazine in greece and french high end monthly "haute fidelite".


lumen white "silver flame" precision monitors selected as the leading ceramic driver speaker design and new sole reference speaker at germany`s biggest audio magazine.

comparing several famous ceramic driver loudspeakers designs in their november 2006 edition, germany`s biggest audio magazine, "stereoplay", declares the our entry level "silver flame" precision monitors the undisputed winner and magazine's new sole reference loudspeaker in the "ultimate speaker" class.

german analogue high end magazine "lp" gives the "silver flame" monitors aglowing 6 page review, calling it a fantastic benchmark achievement, delivering "breathtaking sonic authenticity over the whole bandwidth" byimplementing edge of the art, innovative speaker design at the very frontiers of the technical possible, at an economic price.

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for the second time in three years "stereo sound", japan's leading audiophile magazine, rewards lumen white with their prestigious "stereo sound grand prix", the 2005 grand prix for the new "diamond light" ultra-reference monitors.

published in several asian languages, "stereo sound" is asia's most reveredhigh end audio publication.

we thank mr. isao harada, mr. okihiko sugano and the board of reviewers at"stereo sound" for the honor and inspiration to receive their prestigious "grand prix 2006" reward.

"u.s. high end webzine "stereotimes" ( selects "silverflame" equipped presentation as "best sound at las vegas 2006":

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"finally, the best sound i heard in vegas was at t.h.e. show in suite 1006, in the acoustic dreams suite. for some reason (actually for many reasons) this system just clicked. it was not the most precise system i heard in terms of pinpoint focus and ultimate resolving power, although it was certainly very good in those respects. yet, on a sheer emotional level it was able to convey the heart and soul of the music appreciably better than any other system i heard. heck, i could have stayed for hours listening to the blue pearl jem turntable spin vinyl-so seductive and captivating was it's sound.

it was crystal clear to me that all of the fabulous components in this system were carefully measured ingredients in an incredibly synergistic electro-mechanical amalgam. this system had it all, not only because it was aurally glorious, but because it was breathtakingly drop-dead gorgeous to boot! from the curvacious, ebony, lumen white "silver flame" speakers, to the massive, chrome-plated ayon 52b tube monoblocks, to the blue pearl audio jem turntable with its sleek graham phantom arm and lyra titan cartridge, the system just oozed glamour! also onboard were the messenger reference tube preamplifier, and an acoustic dreams 3-shelf isolation rack, series 1.0. if iever hit the lottery, this system could become my final destination."

"dave and carol clark of u.s. highend webzine "positive feedback" ( in their show reports regarding the lumen white equipped rooms:

"Acoustic Dreams (racks) showed Lumen White Silverflame Speakers, Ayon Reference monoblock amplifiers, Messenger Reference preamplifier . This system had that clarity and presence that defied words....."

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"In the Orpheus Media room they featured the Lumenwhite Whitelight loudspeakers and a full line of Orpheus products. The Orpheus Zero CD player. The P model features an integrated D/A converter, and the D model features a pure CD drive. The Orpheus Two preamplifier. The Orpheus M (monoblock) and S (stereo) amplifiers. Clean!"

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korea's high end audio magazine "audio" gives the white light monitors a rave review in the may 2005 edition, applauding their sound as being "more than fantastic - truly supreme ".

lumen white - white light review, from "new audiophile" high-end audio magazine, hongkong, no°45, december 2004

lumen white review "white flame & white light" from korean high-end audio magazine "what hifi", issue 21, january 2005


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"stereo", germany's leading high end magazine (, gives the "white light" monitors the front page of its may edition and a rave review, the magazine`s chief editor concluding with the words:

"which brings us to the conclusion that with these speakers the name says it all: the "white light" shines pure and bright. they excel in every discipline and they do so better than any other speaker which we have ever heard in our "stereo" listening rooms.

"this is it - the best loudspeaker we know. the "white light" offers superior musical wholeness and transparency, extremely deep and ultra-fast bass and is easy to drive and place."

so finally, after many years the moment has arrived to crown a new and sole top reference: the lumen white "white light" is the new queen of loudspeakers.

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"stereo sound", asia's leading high end publication from japan, celebrating its 150s edition, elects the "white light" monitors into the group of the best audio components in the history of the magazine."

"the lumen white loudspeakers deliver beautiful, captivating sound of the highest quality. their sound transcends the sound of loudspeakers, their dynamic capabilities resemble live music, the sound field breathing real life. loudspeaker performance of this superior quality is very rare to find."

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taiwan's leading high end publication "audioart" ( grants lumen white the cover page and a rave review, judging the "white light" monitors as the best speakers available for the recommended room size.

karl lozier reporting for audio webzine "enjoy the music" ( from the international audio shows las vegas 2004 :
"once again this year the lumen white's "white light" system sounded outstandingly good. i guess I stick around the rooms offering fine sound longer than the others and simply take more notes. this impressively natural, rich and full sounding system simply "grew on me" the more i listened."

mike wright reporting for audio webzine "stereotimes" ( on best sound at the las vegas audio shows 2004 : "falling in the category of "best sounds at the show" were the two systems run in the acoustic dreams room. the main system featured the lumenwhite whitelight and ayon audio 52-b reference amplifiers. a digital front end from dcs and the vyger Indian signature turntable handled the analog.
"stereo sound", japans leading audiophile magazine, rewards lumen white with the prestigious "stereo sound grand prix 2002" for the "white light" precision monitors.

published in several asian languages, "stereo sound" is asia's most revered high end audio publication.

we thank mr. isao harada, mr. okihiko sugano and the board of reviewers at "stereo sound" for the honor and inspiration to receive their "grand prix 2002" reward.

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"japan's leading audiophile magazine "stereo sound", fourth quarter edition 2002, features mr. okihiko sugano's review of the lumen white "white light" and "white flame" monitors in the "exciting components" section and selected them for the front cover page."

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roger s. gordon of us high-end magazine "positive-feedback" on the hovland room at the ces 2003 show featuring the lumen white "white flame" monitors ( :

"the sound was excellent. the room was always crowded every time i visited so it was hard to do critical listening. however, i would definitely put both the electronics and the lumen white speakers on my short list."

clement perry of us audiophile webzine "stereotimes" ( on the acoustic dreams exhibit at t.h.e. show 2003 featuring the lumen white "white light" monitors : "the vyger signature played through this rig was something most of us can only dream of having. here was a sound that was luscious as all get-out, yet detailed to the nth degree. this system was comprised of the lumen white loudspeaker strapped to a pair of vaic amplifiers.

greg weaver of "stereotimes" on "oases of beautiful music - best sounds of the best at ces 2003" : "acoustic dreams..the exclusive us distributors of lumen white.. were hosts to another room that consistently left me with goose bumps. their room this year was even more enthralling than it has been in the past..this room was well set up and achieved a wonderful balance between the so-called hi-fi attributes (detail, transparency, resolution) and musical communication. luxuriously rich and liquid, delicate tonal development, macrodynamic attack approaching the live event and a coherent voice set this room apart from much of this years competition.

dave glackin of "positive-feedback" reporting on "music, sound and personalities" at the 2003 ces and t.h.e. show commenting on the hovland room featering the lumen white "white flame" monitors: "the sound was at once dynamic and delicate, alive and transparent, and quite involving. In fact, hovland was one of the few rooms in which I just wanted to sit and listen.


michael fremer on the "white light" and "white flame" precision monitors, quoted from his "white flame" review in american high end magazine "stereophile" 10/2002 ( :

" Rarely has the debut of a new loudspeaker company and its inaugural model created as big a buzz as did Lumenwhite and their Whitelight speaker at the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show. Driven by Vaic tube amplifiers in one of the larger corner rooms at the Alexis Park Hotel, the big Whitelights had a look and a sound that attracted continuous crowds. Of the questions among audio cognoscenti that I overheard at the end of each day, two of the most common were "Hey, did you hear those Lumenwhites?" and "What? Can you speak louder?"

Sleek, curvaceous, and finished in cool blonde maple, the Whitelights sounded as naturally alluring in that room as they looked; I found myself stopping in often to listen, usually dragging others in with me. The music had an unusually natural, nonmechanical quality that immediately put me at ease. It was like listening to a singer whose technical chops are so well-developed you're never aware of them.

Given how much time I'd spent listening to the big Whitelights at various hi-fi shows around the world, I didn't think I was going to be in for any great surprises with the slightly scaled-down Whiteflames, and I wasn't. Everything I'd admired under show conditions about the Whitelight's natural, unforced sound and ultra-high resolution of low-level detail heard was repeated in my listening room, but enhanced by the controlled home listening environment.

The Whiteflame's greatest strengths were electrostatic-like resolution of low-level detail, its transient speed, and its overall transparency and clarity-strengths not hung out to dry by flabby, slow, mechanical bass. The low end kept up with the mid-range/tweeter array to create an impressively seamless, effortless picture.

Build quality and finish are meticulous-what you should expect for this high a price. With the right amplification-ie, tubes-the Whiteflame offers effortless, seamless, natural musical performance subjectively free of obvious colorations or dynamic constraints at either end of the scale. Play it loud-and you can-and it will not change its balance or compress dynamics. The Whiteflame's fast, unforced sound was "breakthrough" special-something I noticed the first time I heard them and every time I heard them."

dr. ludwig flich reviewing the "white flame" precision monitors in german highend magazine "hifi & records" 4/2002 ( :

"(the "white flames") have a clean, precise and ultradynamic sound-if the recording allows for it.

well recorded piano emerges from these speakers with unmatched realism. a small or big steinway, a boesendorfer or a yamaha - their distinctive sound signatures are reproduced in a realistic and clearly distinguishable way.

their portrayal and dynamics is up there with the world's very best loudspeakers. i wished my budget would allow to purchase them."

axel sarnitz, independent reviewer for several german high end magazines, summarizing his in-depth review of the "white flame" monitors in august 2002 :

"i am thrilled by these speakers. the lumen white "white flame" does not only represent one of the extremely rare world class loudspeakers which sound like music instead of sounding like hi-fi. it not only features the best currently available bass reproduction, it also features captivating design and workmanship, modest power demands, is living room friendly and easy to handle and set up.

technically speaking, the lumens represent to me the most significant advancement in bass and lower mid frequency reproduction in the last decade, seamlessly complemented by excellent treble performance.

but the lumen is much more than this. what appears to me as its most noble attribute: it is neither importunately or boring in appearance and sound.

my verdict therefor is: finally someone has built this speaker !"

chip stern in "stereophile" magazine, october 2001, reporting on the "home entertainment show 2001" in new york ( :

"then there were the alluring curves and angelic luminescence of the new 4 ohm/91.5db lumen white "whitelight" speakers from distributor acoustic dreams. very sexy, sure, but handsome is as handsome does. instead of mdf, the lumen white "whitelights" are built from 1/2" of real maple plywood; internal wiring is by synergistic research (active shielding-ready), and the cabinets beveled backside reflects the designer's desire to control resonances with his own variation on a venting mechanism.

the "whitelights" inverted-dome tweeter, inverted-dome midrange, and line source array of three 7" concave drivers were all high-tech ceramic designs from accuton. very pricey components. my lasting impression of this brief assignation was of un-godly clarity and transparency."

leo fung, recording engineer, audio critic and chief editor of hong kong high-end webzine "yohifi" on the lumen white "white light" monitors ( :

"the "white light" is not only extraordinary in cabinet design, but also unbelievably pure in sound quality; the experience of realism is most pleasing.

according to the literature, the speaker cabinet is made out of pure maple plywood, with absolutely no damping! all drivers (5 per speaker) are ceramic makes.

the "white light" is indeed superb in design; a dream product for the purists, developed by the perfectionists of lumen white."

michael fremer lists lumenwhite under "best sound of CES 2001" in the april issue of US magazine "stereophile" (

ken kessler gives lumenwhite "best sound of CES 2001" vote in the april issue of UK audio magazine"hifi-news" (

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dirk sommer, chief editor of german high-end magazine "image hifi" summarizing his review of the white light monitors in issue 4/2001 ( :
"for me the "white light" monitors simply are THE high-end discovery of recent years."
implementing a minimalist crossover with meticulously selected components, premium drivers and a fundamentally new cabinet technology, they do not only deliver a highly sovereign, deep and equally weightless bass but at the same time provide a level of resolution, speed and transparency which, until now, was available - albeit restricted to certain frequency bands - from electrostats only.
with their high efficiency rating and fuss free impedance curve, lumen whight's first and fully convincing creation should prove irresistible to both tube lovers and solid state fans. pure high-end magic !

"image hi-fi", germany - dirk sommer reporting from the "whitelight" premiere at the "high-end" vienna show in issue 1/2001 ( :
"in vienna i broke my golden rule which is never to attempt serious listening under show conditions. what made me do so ?
the "lumenwhite" speakers presented by distributor living sound. these comparably compact speakers are truly outstanding in every sense.
...the speaker's most outstanding feature however aren't its very expensive drive units but the innovative cabinet design which allows to do away with any kind of damping.....
...the "advanced venting mechanism" makes ultra fast cone movements possible while simultaneously providing the needed damping. despite the relatively small cone surface of its three 17 inch ceramic bass drivers, the "lumenwhite" features an efficiency of more than 91 decibel and its low frequency response extends down to well below 30 hertz.
truly fascinating are the speaker's utter transparency, its tremendous speed and fantastic resolution.